The Accidental Anchor Institution: Do Universities Have a Payback Responsibility?

Erin Rubin

Erin Rubin writes in Nonprofit Quartely the article " The Accidental Anchor Institution: Do Universities Have a Payback Responsibility?" In this article, Rubin highlights the framework developed by the Democracy Collaborative called the Anchor Insitute Learning Cohort: 

They can invest in shared community amenities and public spaces. They can increase the pay for and upgrade low-wage service work on and around campus. They can forge community benefits agreements that help ensure more broadly shared prosperity for workers and residents.

Some schools have doing this for years. The Democracy Collaborative developed a framework called the Anchor Institution Learning Cohort in which six universities committed to sharing best practices and refining indicators of community improvement. Syracuse University’s Near West Side Initiative invested nearly $100 million in community-building.

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