Another Community Foundation With High Hopes for Impact Investing

Alyssa Ochs and David Callahan

Alyssa Ochs and David Callahan write in Inside Philanthropy, "Another Community Foundation With High Hopes for Impact Investing." In this article, the writers highlight the study released by the Democracy Collaborative A new Achor Mission Strategy For A New Century:

Impact investing by community foundations is not a new thing. Back in 2012, for example, the Council on Foundations brought together leaders from the worlds of impact investing and community foundations to help more local funders get going with impact investing. That effort led to a handy field guide to this topic in 2013, produced by COF and Mission Investors Exchange. A year later, the Democracy Collaborative released a study, "A New Anchor Mission for a New Century," which analyzed how 30 innovative community foundations were engaged in impact investing, often around housing and economic development, two areas where larger amounts of capital are needed to move the needle. 

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