Bon Secours

Established in 1919, Bon Secours is a 125-bed health facility in Southwest Baltimore with 860 employees.  Since the 1990s, Bon Secours has taken an active role in neighborhood revitalization efforts, developing 529 units of senior housing and nearly 200 units of family housing as of 2015.  Committed to the community, the hospital also supports a separate nonprofit, Bon Secours Community Works (BSCW), which provides a range of community and economic development programs, including workforce development, adult education, childcare, money management, re-entry services, and counseling.  Focused on asset building, BSCW runs Our Money Place, which provides free or low-cost financial planning, tax preparation, credit and debt counseling, budget preparation and management, public benefits screening, and eviction prevention services.  The nonprofit also includes a social enterprise, Clean and Green Landscaping, which provides training and job opportunities to area residents as they work to beautify and maintain vacant lots within the community.

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