Energy, democracy, community

John Duda

The accelerating transition to renewable energy is great news, but as this article by Democracy Collaborative Communications Director John Duda makes clear, there's a key question we need to be asking: 

Solar capacity in the United States, while still only meeting a small percentage of our overall energy needs, is growing by leaps and bounds. And the fastest growing sector here is residential solar. But the important question is: who is taking advantage of these new possibilities? When, as one study claimed, installing solar is a better investment than the stock marketin 46 of our 50 largest cities, who is accumulating all the new wealth being generated on our decentralizing electrical grid?

The article examines the mix of solar purchashing cooperatives, worker ownership, community solar, and inclusive subsidies that help build democratized wealth in the most marginalized communities as the switch to solar and other renewables continues to advance. Read it now at Medium.

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