Local Initiatives Support Corporation Chicago (LISC Chicago)

Local Initiatives Support Corporation Chicago (LISC Chicago) connects neighborhoods to the resources they need to become stronger and healthier.  Its flagship program is the New Communities Program (NCP) Network, a partnership with 16 community-based "lead agencies" that coordinate the work of more than 70 partners across 28 community areas. The NCP methodology centers on the development of “Quality-of-Life Plans” under the supervision of a local lead agency selected by LISC in each participating neighborhood.  Seed funding, technical assistance, and other forms of support are then provided to the lead agency and partner organizations to execute the plan, which typically involves housing, commercial and retail development, employment, health care, parks and recreation, child care, educational quality, the arts, and community security.  In 2014, LISC made 180 grants totaling $8.2 million to 53 partner organizations and provided six loans totaling $7.8 million.

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