Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation (MFCDC)

Established in 1985, Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation (MFCDC) works in partnership with residents and community groups to serve, revitalize, stimulate and invest resources in an affordable, safe and vital Mapleton-Fall Creek community.  To do so, it constructs and rehabilitates homes; develops affordable housing, parks, and public spaces; and offers a range of programs and services focused on community building and economic development.  Aiming to help revitalize its Central Avenue corridor, MFCDC is currently developing an intergenerational senior housing project that will include nearly 19,000 square feet of retail space, at least 150 market rate and affordable housing units, a 8,500 square foot community center, and computer center.  Committed to sustainable development principles, MRCDC uses LEED for Neighborhood Development, a rigorous set of green building and sustainable development standards created by the United States Green Building Council, as a roadmap and benchmark in all neighborhood projects.

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