Miami-Dade County Prosperity Initiatives Feasibility Study

Edward Murray and Kevin T. Greiner

This feasibility study conducted by the Florida International University Metropolitan Center outlines opportunities to promote broad-based prosperity and economic growth in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Recognizing the importance of addressing wealth inequality, the study highlights best practices that promote economic mobility and greater equity. The authors include a “Preliminary Action Agenda” which suggests directing up to $10 million to create a social enterprise accelerator, a community benefit agreement ordinance, a children’s saving account program, and an employee-owned business development program:

Today, Miami-Dade County is part of the 8th largest Metropolitan Area and is the 7th most populous county in the U.S. Its economy has grown into an international center of trade, finance, design, architecture and culture, and is the United States' most important gateway to South America. The County has been a destination for families from the United States and abroad seeking a better future, and for many families, it became a home in which the American dream became reality. In Miami-Dade County, broad-based economic opportunity and prosperity have historically been hallmarks of the local economy, but that may not be the case today... Read full report.

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