Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market, established in 1907, provides rental space for 220 small business, 250 artisans, 80 farmers, and 350 residents—half of whom are low income seniors. In 2014, the overall vacancy rate was less than 2% and revenues reached $16.9 million. The Market is owned and managed by the Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority (PDA), a not-for-profit, public corporation chartered by the City of Seattle in 1973. The PDA, governed by a volunteer 12 member PDA Council,  which includes four mayoral appointees, is required to preserve, rehabilitate and protect the Market's buildings (located within a nice acres historic district); increase opportunities for farm and food retailing in the Market; incubate and support small and marginal businesses; and provide services for low-income people. More than 100 people are employed by Pike Place, working in a variety of jobs from facilities maintenance and security to commercial development and finance. The Market also provides a range of social services, including a food bank, senior center, medical clinic, and preschool.

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