Pittsburgh’s Central Keystone Innovation Zone

The Pittsburgh Central Keystone Innovation Zone (PCKIZ) is a consortium of higher education institutions, businesses, government agencies, and community organizations aiming to ensure the neighborhoods in central Pittsburgh can participate within the region’s knowledge-based economy.  To do so, the group provides a combination of tax incentives, entrepreneurial resources, educational and internship programs, networking events, and technology showcases designed to boost technology and economic development activities.  As of 2015, 41 startups in the zone were benefiting from access to tax credits, business capital, paid interns, and networking opportunities.  PCKIZ is also managing and overseeing the city’s nascent Pittsburgh Wealth Building Initiative (PWBI), which aims to catalyze the creation of employee-owned/community-based businesses in low-income neighborhoods that meet the procurement needs of area anchor institutions and create new pipelines to connect residents to job opportunities at those institutions.

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