Our monthly email newsletter provides an essential overview of the latest news and state of the art developments in community wealth building. Check out the archives below.

December 2019

This month's developments include: 

  • We release the first issue of System Change, a magazine that brings together stories from the growing movement to build a more democratic economy.
  • We share The Case for Community Wealth Building, a new book co-authored by Vice-President for Theory, Research and Policy Joe Guinan and Senior Lecturer in Political Philosophy at the University of York Martin O’Neill.

November 2019

This month's developments include:

  • We release a new report: A History of Nationalization in the United States, 1917-2019.
  • We announce a new commitment from 14 health systems that are part of the Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN) to invest $700 millionto address the economic, racial, and environmental resource disparities that impact community health outcomes.
  • We share the Jobs for All Manifesto, which TDC has signed, joining many other organizations working for racial and economic justice in calling on our political leaders to enact a federal job guarantee and ensure that everyone who wants to work can have a living-wage job.

October 2019

This month's developments include:

  • We share coverage of the Healthcare Anchor Network in the New York Times, and developments related to Modern Healthcare’s Social Determinants of Health Symposium
  • We announce two new fellows, Dominic T. Moulden, Senior Fellow for Community Organizing & the Democratic Economy in the African and Latinx Diaspora, and Dr. Obery Hendricks, Distinguished Senior Fellow for Faith, Power, and the Democratic Economy
  • We share a new infographic on Democratic Employee Ownership Funds, and coverage of the inclusion of this policy into Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently released a plan for “Corporate Accountability and Democracy”

September 2019

This month's developments include:

  • We share two new transformative proposals that drive equity and affordability in the critical sectors of medicine and housing: Medicine for All and a National Homes Guarentee
  • We announce the launch of the Anchor Learning Network, a three-year commitment from over 30 universities to implement anchor strategies that leverage their core business practices to build community wealth
  • We share developments in the field of employee ownership

August 2019

This month's developments include:

  • We announce the launch of our Climate and Energy program which will build on our existing work in these areas and focus on the intersections between a just transition and the development of a democratic economy
  • We share a new report from the Health Foundation on the role of the NHS as an anchor institution, drawing on lessons learned from the Healthcare Anchor Network
  • We share coverage and interviews about our latest book, The Making of a Democratic Economy

July 2019

This month's developments include:

  • We announce the release of our new book, Making of a Democratic Economy, authored by co-founder and president of The Democracy Collaborative, and Marjorie Kelly, Executive Vice President and author of The Divine Right of Capital and Owning our Future
  • We share three reports that offer important new insights and suggestions on how we can develop democratic public ownership
  • We release Public Finance for the Future We Want, co-published with the Transnational Institute (TNI), the New Economics Foundation (NEF), the Tellus Institute, Change Finance, Focus on the Global South, Fairfin, and the MOBA Housing Network

June 2019

This month's developments include

  • We share coverage about Inclusive Ownership Funds (IOFs), which would require corporations to place a percentage of shares into a trust operated on behalf of workers
  • We release the Index of Systemic Trends,  a series of economic, social, and environmental indicators that demonstrate the need for systemic solutions to the problems we face
  • We share developments related to employee ownership from Fifty by Fifty, and updates from this spring's Healthcare Anchor Network convening 

May 2019

This month's developments include:

  • We release two new reports: Anchor Collaboratives: Building Bridges with Place-Based Partnerships and Anchor Institutions and Mission-led Employee-owned Firms: The Best of the Best. 
  • We highlight the work of The Democracy Collaborative in the May 2019 special issue of In These Times magazine, “Getting to Zero,” which features an article on the need for democratic public control of electric utilities
  • We share the latest installment from our Elements of the Democratic Economy series and a resource on scaling worker cooperatives
  • We welcome Michellene Davis, Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of RWJBarnabas Health, to The Democracy Collaborative’s Board of Trustees

April 2019

This month's developments include:

  • We release two new reports: Building Resiliency through Green Infrastructure: A Community Wealth Building Approach and Right To Own: A Policy Framework to Catalyze Worker Ownership Transitions
  • We discuss the growing  transatlantic exchange of bold proposals and ideas around building a democratic economy
  • We share a new video about community wealth building and employee ownership

March 2019

The month's developments include: 

  • We release a new report, Energy Democracy: taking back power. Authored by Research Associate Johanna Bozuwa, the report examines both the benefits and challenges of publicly owned energy utilities and the steps needed to bring about energy democracy
  • We share about developments in community wealth building from Preston, England
  • We highlight the work of the Healthcare Anchor Network, and an upcoming symposium on the social determinants of health