Reconnecting America: Are We There Yet?

Reconnecting America believes that through examining quantitative and qualitative data on the conditions of America's communities, their changing situation can be better addressed, and their publication Are We There Yet? : Creating Complete Communities for 21st Century America attempts to explain America's economic problems and possibilities in an easily understood format. Vistors to the site can view metrics, grades, and stories featured in the publication, as well as access Reconnecting America's News and Resource Centers.

Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network

Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Co-operative Difference Research Network conducts research on the social, economic and environmental impact of co-operatives on Canadians and their communities. The Research Network's various projects and publications are available for public access on their website, where users can browse the available resources to learn more about the value of co-operatives and to better understand the linkages between them.

Community Tool Box

The Community Tool Box, a project of the Kansas University Work Group for Community Health and Development, is the world's largest resource for building capacity for community health and development. Their website provides guidance in developing community-building skills, models for taking action, and success stories in community development. Users of the site can access toolkits for various steps in the community work process, information on how a community-focused organization can develop necessary skills, troubleshooting guidance, databases of best practices, and experts ready to answer questions.

The Prevention Institute

The Prevention Institute gathers cutting-edge research, practice, and analysis on current health and safety issues with the goal of improving prevention practices throughout the US. Through connecting prevention initiatives and integrating research and practice, the Prevention Institute focuses on encouraging the prevention of major health and safety issues instead of reactive action. Site visitors can find tools to help develop strategy, collaboration, and community engagement.

Modernizing Asset Limits: Promoting Savings, Simplicity, and Self-Sufficiency

New America Foundation

A project of the New American Foundation, this website is designed to help build understanding about how caps on savings that preclude receiving public assistance in the form of SNAP (Food Stamps), TANF, and LIHEAP have counterproductive effects. These can include discouraging saving, increasing financial insecurity, and making it harder to achieve financial independence for low-income families. Users of this site can search by state to better understand the complexity of asset limits for specific programs and learn how programs in their communities compare to the rest of the country.

Glass Pockets

The Foundation Center

Glass Pockets is an online resource from The Foundation Center that promotes transparency in philanthropic foundations. The site gives the public access to the published finnancial records of major foundations, providing profiles of major organizations and links to their transparency profiles.

Farm to People

Farm to People

Farm To People is an online farm stand for buying food directly from small, sustainable farmers and craft producers around the United States with the goal of strengthening the link between food, health, environment, and people. This website provides a diversity of avenues for small farmers to reach consumers and offers a directory based on specialty so that eaters can simplify their search for environmentally and socially sustainable food.  

Foreclosure Prevention Resource Center

The Foreclosure Prevention Resource Center is an online resource of the Urban Affairs Coalition of Philadelphia, offering resources to homeowners trying to protect their homes from foreclosure and to helping professionals in the community. The site has resources such as a foreclosure prevention guide, a chart on the effects of foreclosure, and contacts with connection to foreclosure prevention.

Financial Capability Institute

Center for Financial Services Innovation

The Financial Capability Institute website is an online resource from the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) that provides nonprofits with resources to learn how to integrate high-quality financial mechanisms into their organization. The website offers information on the financial capability approach, nonprofit self-assesment tools, and other tools and resources to connect organizations with product partners.

The American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE)

An outgrowth of the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s “high-road” economic policy think-tank, the Center On Wisconsin Strategy (COWS), The American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE) presents itself as an alternative to the corporate-backed ALEC and promotes economic fairness, environmental sustainability, and effective democratic government. Their website acts as a one-stop public library of model progressive state and local law on a wide range of issues that can be searched by policy area, topic, level of government, and year.

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) is a national organization working for the needs of restaurant workers and focused on improving their wages and working conditions. ROC United engages in participatory research and policy work, employer negotiations, workplace justice campaigns, and leadership development for low-wage restaurant workers across the country.