Community Land Trust (CLT) Tools

Note the eight sources below are individual chapter sections that form part of a manual written by John Emmeus Davis of Burlington Associates. Full listing is: John Emmeus Davis, Starting a Community Land Trust: Organizational and Operational Choices, Burlington, VT: Burlington Associates in Community Development LLC, January 2007.

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Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Tools

CRA Investment Handbook

Center for Community Development Investments

New Pathways to Scale for Community Development Finance

Gregory A. Ratliff, Kirsten S. Moy, Laura Casoni, Steve Davidson, Cathie Mahon and Fred Mendez
Profitwise News & Views

Organizing Credit Unions: A Manual, second edition

Clifford N. Rosenthal , Linda Levy and Revised and updated by Robert Ibanez and Brian Gately

Community Development Corporation (CDC) Tools

NACEDA Communications Toolkit

National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations

A Guide to Implementing a Home-Based Child Care Lead Safety Program: Program Description and Document Templates

National Center for Healthy Housing and The Enterprise Foundation and Prepared under U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Operation Lead Elimination Action Program Grant MDLOL 0005–02

The Answer Key: How To Plan, Develop and Finance Your Charter School Facility

Bryan Hassel , Linda Sorden, Amy Anderson, Anne Geggie, Charity Sack, David Nolan, Donna Creedon, Hunter Moss and Robert Ramirez