Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

Friendship Development Associates

Since its formation in 1989, Friendship Development Associates has constructed 78 units of housing and developed 29,135 square feet of commercial space. Since 1998, it has also help promote the investment of over $6.4 million in the Penn Avenue Corridor to develop space for artists. Between 1998 and 2005, 69 arts spaces were created along Penn Avenue with six arts organizations creating over 70 arts-related jobs in the Penn Avenue Corridor. All told, there are over 300 artists who are active in the Penn Avenue Arts District. Read more about Friendship Development Associates...

East Liberty Development, Inc.

Established in 1979 as a community development corporation, East Liberty Development now refers to itself as a “community based organization” to emphasize its focus not just on physical development projects, but also on neighborhood planning, advocacy, investment, and partnerships.  Its 2010 achievements include the release of an updated community plan, the redevelopment of several vacant lots into a play yard, and an $800,000 below-market rate loan to support the development of a large national retail chain which agreed to green building practices, local hiring preferences during construction, and permanent in-store jobs. ELDI plans to use the loan repayments to fund the marketing and promotion of the East Liberty business district, an area that includes small businesses.

Allegheny City Central Association (formerly Central Northside Neighborhood Council)

Founded in 1970 as Central Northside Neighborhood Council, Allegheny City Central Association (ACCA) aims to enhance the quality of life of all Central Northside residents.  In 2010, ACCA kicked off the redevelopment of the Garden Theater Block, a corridor characterized by vacancies and blight.  Today, the area includes a coffee shop, restaurants, and the Allegheny branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  The next phase of redevelopment is now underway, which will include the nonprofit City of Asylum’s “Alphabet City,” a space that will include a literary center, performance space, classrooms, a restaurant, and bookstore.  In addition to commercial development, ACCA develops housing and works to restore or replace vacant lots and buildings within the community.

Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation seeks to re-knit the social, economic, and physical fabric of the Bloomfield, Garfield, and Friendship neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Founded in 1975, the organization has helped to develop 60,000 square feet of commercial space along Penn Avenue, representing $12 million in business investment. The CDC is also credited with renovating or building more than 200 units of rental and owner-occupied housing.

Women’s Community Revitalization Project

Committed to social and economic equity for low-income women and their families, the Women’s Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) develops affordable housing, provides supportive services, advocates for policy change, and honors and promotes leadership, dignity, and justice.  To date, WCRP has built 282 units of housing—investing $90 million in the community.  Its organizing and advocacy work is credited with bringing together over 60 organizations in campaigns that have secured more than $100 million for affordable housing development.

Project HOME

Project H.O.M.E. works to lift community members out of the cycle of homelessness and poverty through affordable housing, employment, education and health care. Founded in 1989, Project H.O.M.E has grown from an emergency winter shelter to 447-units of housing and 3 businesses that can employ members of the community. It has also secured more than $50 million in equity for housing and economic development. Read more about Project HOME...

Philadelphia Chinatown Community Development Corporation

Beginning in 1966 as a grassroots movement responding to city-planned urban development, Philadelphia Chinatown Community Development Corporation (PCDC) has grown into a prominent nonprofit group, responsible for the planning and redevelopment of the Chinatown community. The group’s goals are three-fold: 1) to protect the neighborhood; 2) to preserve Chinatown’s heritage; and 3) to promote community businesses and residents.  PCDC’s accomplishments include the development of 219 housing units as well as commercial space.  In October 2017, PCDC broke ground on its largest project to date—a $75 million mixed-use space that will include a 17,000 square foot community center, 30,000 square feet of retail/commercial space, and 150 housing units.

Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations

The Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations (PACDC) strives to create a more supportive environment for community development work and to build the capacity of area CDCs and community development practitioners.  To do so, PACDC’s work focuses on policy development, advocacy, technical assistance, knowledge sharing, and the promotion of Philadelphia’s community development industry.  The group’s accomplishments include the creation of Philadelphia’s Housing Trust Fund, which is credited with assisting 30,000 households, and the Philadelphia CDC Tax Credit Program, which has generated more than $30 million to support neighborhood economic development.

People’s Emergency Center

Founded with a $12,000 budget and the goal of providing emergency shelter and food, the People’s Emergency Center has expanded its mission to nurturing families, strengthening neighborhoods, and driving change in West Philadelphia. To do so, the CDC advocates for public policy changes on behalf of families experiencing homelessness and provides area residents with affordable housing, job and technology training, financial education, and a range of social services.  Since its establishment in 1972, the CDC is credited with investing over $60 million in eco-friendly, mixed-use development and open spaces.

New Kensington Community Development Corporation

Founded in 1985, New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) aims to strengthen the physical, social, and economic fabric of Kensington, Fishtown and Port Richmond by catalyzing sustainable development and community building.  The CDC’s Real Estate Development Program focuses on converting abandoned buildings into housing or mixed-use properties.  Completed projects included the Coral Street Arts House, which transformed a vacant textile mill into 27 units of affordable live-work space for artists and their families, and Awesometown,  a former industrial site converted into mixed-income, sustainable townhomes.  Other NKCDC programs include housing counseling, local business support, greening and vacant lot maintenance, neighborhood planning, and community engagement. Each year, NKCDC serves more than 30,000 low- and moderate-income families.

Mt. Airy USA Community Development Corporation

Founded in 1980 to restore dilapidated commercial storefronts, Mt. Airy USA Community Development Corporation has expanded its mission to preserve, empower, and advance a vibrant, diverse neighborhood by stimulating development responsive to community needs.  The CDC’s real estate development program aims to transform blighted, underutilized areas into local assets and has resulted in new commercial space as well as quality rental and “for sale” housing.  To help ensure area businesses succeed, the CDC also offers numerous business services including business marketing and promotion, affordable workspace, and business development assistance. The CDC’s Housing Counseling program focuses on foreclosure prevention, home improvement, and financial literacy, and is credited with serving over 6,000 low to moderate income community members.

Asociación Puertorriqueños En Marcha

Founded in 1970, Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM) has constructed more than 210 affordable rental units and is a leading provider of social services for Philadelphia’s Puerto Rican community. The group has also been a commercial developer and is credited with helping to leverage $140 million in financing for physical development projects that have helped transform the community.  Significant development projects include Gateway/Boriquen Plaza, a 44,000-square-foot supermarket and commercial center, and Paseo Verde, a transit-oriented development with 120 housing units, a pharmacy, a health center, and office space for APM.

The Partnership Community Development Corporation

Founded in 1992, The Partnership Community Development Corporation (TPCDC, and formerly known as the West Philadelphia Partnership) strives to build strong communities in West and Southwest Philadelphia.  To do so, the CDC develops affordable housing for low to moderate-income families, provides home ownership education to first-time homebuyers, develops retail space, provides technical assistance to businesses and community groups, runs a green job training program focused on energy efficient technologies, and formulates revitalization strategies for commercial corridors.  To date, TPCDC has developed 360 units of affordable housing and has leveraged over $65 million in private investment to support the revitalization of West Philadelphia.

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation

The East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) aims to build healthy, vibrant, and safe neighborhoods with and for the diverse populations of the East Bay, including its Asian and Pacific Islander communities.  To do so, EBALDC develops and manages affordable apartments and homes, retail spaces for local, small businesses, and community centers, and delivers programs designed to foster increased economic opportunities for low-income families and individuals.  Since its establishment in 1975, EBALDC has invested more than $200 million in assets in the community, including a total Read more about East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation...

BRIDGE Housing

BRIDGE Housing was originally founded to combat San Francisco's shortage of affordable housing. Since 1983, the organization has expanded its capabilities to include project financing, community outreach, planning, construction management, property maintenance, and asset management. To date, BRIDGE has successfully developed over 14,000 homes with an estimated market value of three billion dollars. Read more about BRIDGE Housing...

Chhaya Community Development Corporation

Focused on creating more stable and sustainable communities, Chhaya Community Development Corporation seeks to accomplish this goal by increasing civic participation in the community and by addressing housing and community development needs of South Asian Americans and other new immigrants. Read more about Chhaya Community Development Corporation...

South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation

Formed in 1972 by concerned business executives and community leaders hoping to address the flight of jobs and businesses from the community, the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBRO) has developed overtime to incorporate a more comprehensive approach to community development. Today, in addition to providing youth education services, job training and placement and other services, SoBro manages more than 700 units of affordable housing and has built or rehabilitated almost 260,000 square feet of industrial, retail space and office space in the Bronx. Read more about South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation...

Pratt Area Community Council

Although formed in 1964 by three community members, the Pratt Area Community Council (PACC) soon encompassed other community organizations in Forte Greene, Clinton Hill, the Wallabout Community and later the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood. Read more about Pratt Area Community Council...

Flatbush Development Corporation

Focused on a 2.5-mile area bounded on the north by Parkside Avenue, on the south by Avenue H, on the East by Flatbush Avenue, and on the West by Coney Island Avenue, the Flatbush Development Corporation was formed in 1975 to address what community members saw as the beginnings of neighborhood decline. Today, the organization is one of the largest providers of programs for youth in the area - offering opportunities for more than 1200 youth and young adults annually - and provides more than 500 tenants and homeowners with individual counseling each year. Read more about Flatbush Development Corporation...

Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

Serving more than 8,000 residents each year, Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation was formed in 1984 by a group of local community members and small business owners. To date, the organization has renovated a 52,000 square foot, former industrial facility into a 400-seat community-founded alternative public school, developed 400 units of affordable housing, built 2 school-based community centers, and reduced the commercial vacancy rate by two-thirds. Read more about Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation...