Cooperatives (Co-ops)

Seizing the Moment

Catalyzing Big Growth for Worker Co-ops

In this piece, crossposted from Grassroots Economic Organizing, Hilary Abell summarizes the key conclusions of her recent Democracy Collaborative report, Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale, and discusses how her new initiative, Project Equity, will be working within the strategic framework advanced in the report to build support for worker cooperative  economic development in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Read more about Seizing the Moment...

The Cooperative Economy

Gar Alperovitz

Democracy Collaborative co-founder Gar Alperovitz expands on his vision of a cooperative and community-sustaining economy with Editor Scott Gast of Orion magazine.

Building Community Wealth across the Pond

City in United Kingdom develops new Community Wealth Building Initiative

The broad appeal of the ‘Cleveland Model’ and of community wealth building in general is becoming evident in a growing number of communities around the country, and—increasingly—overseas as well. Read more about Building Community Wealth across the Pond...

Worker Cooperative National Conference

May 30th, 2014 to June 1st, 2014
Chicago, IL

At the 2014 National Conference of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, the former director of the WAGES network, Hilary Abell, together with Democracy Collaborative research director Steve Dubb, will launch our new report Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale. Read more about Worker Cooperative National Conference...

Interview with Orlando Santaella, Worker- Owner of Evergreen Energy Solutions

In a DiversityInc interview, Orlando Santaella, a worker-owner of Evergreen Energy Solutions, talks about the transformative role that Evergreen has had on his life Read more about Interview with Orlando Santaella, Worker- Owner of Evergreen Energy Solutions...

Limits to Investment: Finance in the Anthropocene

Fullerton, John

In the latest publication in Great Transition Initiative’s sustainable development series, John Fullerton challenges the preeminence of modern finance. Limiting finance capital and the environmental deterioration and social instability that it encourages, Fullerton writes, requires transforming our economic system. By broadening public ownership of finance, through such means as sovereign wealth funds, public banking, and public utilities, Fullerton contends that nations can limit environmental degradation and manage long-term growth. 

Trade unions and worker cooperatives: Where are we at?

Jose Orbaiceta, Bruno Dobrusin, Pierre Patry, Claude Dorion, Arildo Mota Lopes, João Antônio Felício, Léopold Beaulieu, Jean Bergevin, Pierre Laliberté, Marina Monaco, Luca Pastorelli, Rob Witherell and Stirling Smith

With overlapping histories and common goals of democratic organizing, trade unions and worker cooperatives are potentially natural partners in fostering inclusive economies. A recent issue of the International Journal of Labor Research showcases this emerging strategic alliance, providing case studies of joint initiatives in Latin American, East Africa, Canada, and the United States. The authors also consider the challenges of these partnerships and suggest solutions to overcome fractures between the movements.

Democratic Wealth: Building a Citizens' Economy

Joe Guinan, Marjorie Kelly and Thomas Hanna

Democracy Collaborative senior fellows Marjorie Kelly and Joe Guinan and senior researcher Thomas Hanna each contribute chapters to a new free e-book, Democratic Wealth: Building a Citizens' Economy. The authors discuss economic institutions, alternative economic system designs, and forms of democratic ownership. This open Democracy and Politics in Spires series, hosted by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, advances the conversation on visioning an economic system that serves the common good.

Evergreen Cooperatives Field Study

In its newest Field Guide to Investing in a Regenerative Economy, the Capital Institute outlines Cleveland’s Evergreen model and provides overviews of the three enterprises: Evergreen Cooperative Laundry, Evergreen Energy Solutions, and Green City Growers. 

Capitalism Is Dying. It’ll Probably Go To Hell. But Something A Lot Better Is Taking Its Place.

Democracy Collaborative co-founder Gar Alperovitz appeared in a featured video on Upworthy, where he reiterated the importance of local and democratic ownership as Read more about Capitalism Is Dying. It’ll Probably Go To Hell. But Something A Lot Better Is Taking Its Place....

Who Needs a Boss?

Shaila Dewan

This New York Times article highlights the successes of worker-owned businesses, including Cleveland’s Evergreen Cooperatives.

Community Investment in the Local Food System

Jonathon Ward, Margaret Christie, Addie Rose Holland, Dan Rosenberg, Jeff Rosen and Sam Stegman

CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) published a new case study on Real Pickles, an organic food business that raised half a million dollars through a community investment campaign to transition to worker ownership.