Local Food Systems

Growing a Cleveland Renaissance

Stephen A. Thompson
Rural Cooperatives

In the November/December edition of Rural Cooperatives magazine, the United States Department of Agriculture featured Green City Growers Cooperative, the third worker-owned enterprise established by the Evergreen Cooperatives. The article highlights how Green City Growers created twenty-five jobs while transforming eleven acres of abandoned lots into a productive urban greenhouse. The article also provides insight for how cooperatives can partner with city governments, anchor institutions, and foundations to stabilize local economies. 

National Food Hub Conference

March 26th, 2014 to March 28th, 2014
Raleigh, North Carolina

Ensuring a Sustainable Future

Jody Heymann and Magda Barrera

Jody Heymann of UCLA and Magda Barrera of McGill University bring experts together from the fields of public health, climate risk, urban and regional planning, sustainable agriculture, and water governance in a new book that examines economically viable solutions to the environmental challenges that disproportionately impact the world’s poorest populations. 

Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative

The Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative (CUCI) emerged in the wake of a historic agreement signed in October, 2009 between Mondragon and the United Steelworkers, North America’s largest industrial union, to launch union-cooperatives in the United States.

Farm to People

Farm to People

Farm To People is an online farm stand for buying food directly from small, sustainable farmers and craft producers around the United States with the goal of strengthening the link between food, health, environment, and people. This website provides a diversity of avenues for small farmers to reach consumers and offers a directory based on specialty so that eaters can simplify their search for environmentally and socially sustainable food.  

Findings of the 2013 National Food Hub Survey

Micaela Fischer, Michael Hamm, Rich Pirog, John Fisk, Jeff Farbman and Stacia Kiraly

Food Hubs: A Producer Guide

Andy Pressman and Chris Lent
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service


Brett Melone, et al.

A Vision Statement and Strategic Implementation Plan

Comparing the Structure, Size, and Performance of Local and Mainstream Food Supply Chains

Robert P. King, Michael S. Hand, Gigi DiGiacomo, Kate Clancy, Miguel I. Gómez, Shermain D. Hardesty, Larry Lev and Edward W. McLaughlin
Economic Research Report Number 99

Scaling Up: Meeting the Demand for Local Food

Lindsey Day-Farnsworth, Brent McCown, Michelle Miller and Anne Pfeiffer

Building Regional Produce Supply Chains

Melanie Chang and Kate Seely

 Helping Farms Access & Sell to Multiple Channels  Helping Large‐Volume Buyers Access Regional Foods

Fresh Food Distribution Models for the Greater Los Angeles Region

Vanessa Zafjen

Barriers and Opportunities to Facilitate and Scale Up the Distribution of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 

Findings from an Action Research Project of the Center for Food & Justice, a division of the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, Occidental College 

December 2006-March 2008