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Democracy Collaborative Offers Paid Internship

Work with us on newsletters and community-wealth.org

We are pleased to announce a new intern position at The Democracy Collaborative that will focus on the Community-Wealth.org newsletter and adding web content. For further details, please see the position description below. Remember to submit your applications by August 30!

The Rise of Social Cooperatives in Italy

Antonio Thomas
Voluntas: International Journal ofVoluntary and Nonprofit Organizations

Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Created through the association of three educational cooperatives, The Mondragon Unibertsitatea is a cooperative university belonging to the Mondragon Corporation. The University consists of four main departments, Polytechnic, Business Studies, Humanities and Education, and Culinary Science. Their teaching model combines classroom experience with the 230 companies associated to the Mondragon co-ops to guarantee social accessibility, a hybrid of work and study, and the development of research. Read more about Mondragon Unibertsitatea...