State Asset Building Initiatives

Asset-Building Policy for Hawai‘i

Andrew Aoki, Lillian “Beadsie” Woo and Heather McCulloch

Asset Building—A Path to Economic Security

Voices for Illinois Children
Illinois Kids Count 2005: Invest in Our Future: Strengthening Families by Building Assets

Wealth Building in the Borderlands: Linking Tax Refunds to Asset Building

Bárbara J. Robles
paper presented at A Lifetime of Assets Conference, cosponsored by the Federal Reserve of San Francisco and CFED

State Asset Building Initiatives

Increasingly, community groups are organizing at the state level to build broad-based efforts to support wealth building by low-income families. While each initiative is unique, they all share the common goal of enabling lower-income families to build wealth and rely on strategies such as financial education; policy development to encourage savings for education, homeownership, small business development, and retirement; access to insurance; regulations to limit predatory lending; and access to tax-based savings for lower-income families. Read more about State Asset Building Initiatives...