Cleveland’s cooperatives show us how to solve the problems of deindustrialisation

Claire McCarthy
Labour List

Normally you only hear people in British politics discussing the US state of Ohio during Presidential elections. But Cleveland, Ohio has been on the lips of many in recent weeks because Ted Howard the architect of the so-called Cleveland model has been in the UK. The visionary approach that he and his colleagues at the Democracy Collaborative have taken to creating local sustainable growth and jobs in Cleveland is gaining growing attention this side of the more > 

Chronicling the Lives of the Working Poor Across America

The Leonard Lopate Show

Pulitzer Prize-winning author, journalist and Columbia Journalism School professor Dale Maharidge crossed the country to chronicle the lives of today's working poor, from farmworkers in southern California fighting against low wages and a devastating drought, to heroin stricken communities in northern Maine that have been abandoned by industry. His story, “American Ballad: A Photographic Chronicle of America's Working Poor,” marks the 75th anniversary of James Agee’s Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. It was published in the December issue of Smithsonian Magazine...listen here 

Building a System-Changing Response to Trump and Trumpism at All Levels

Gar Alperovitz

Any serious perspective on how to respond to the election of Donald Trump must begin by recognizing that his victory flowed in substantial part from the growing global crisis of capitalism, which demands a specific strategic response. The response must begin with -- but also go beyond -- the urgent work of defending, wherever and however possible, the individuals and communities most at risk...Read More

Hope in the Desert

Marjorie Kelly
Jericho Chambers

Political democracy requires economic more


The case for despair is made. Now let’s start to get out of the mess we’re in

George Monbiot

"We were promised unending growth on a finite planet. We were told that a vastly unequal system would remove all differences. Social peace would be delivered by a system based on competition and envy. Democracy would be secured by the power of money. The contradictions were crashingly obvious. The whole package relied on magic." more

Hospitals Can Be Key to Healthy People, Healthy Economies

Johnny Magdaleno
Next City

Democracy Collaborative is highlighted in Next City "With the U.S. medical care industry spending more than $340 billion on goods and services every year, health systems and hospitals have the type of money that could revitalize the communities where they save lives." 

Program-Related Investment Rules for Private Foundations

This free course, which covers the basic legal rules for program-related investments, takes about forty-five minutes to complete. The course is part of Learn Foundation Law,  a free resource devloped by legal staff at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation that provides training on legal issues in grantmaking for private foundations.

Creating Jobs by Building Community Wealth

Steve Dubb

Democracy Collaborative Research Director Steve Dubb recently participated on a panel at the Aspen Institute to discuss “Big Ideas for Job Creation.” Moderated by Maureen Conway, Executive Director of the Economic Opportunities Program at the Aspen Institute, Steve and fellow panelist Carla Javits of REDF outlined strategies to redirect anchor institution procurement (as discussed in the Anchor Dashboardand policies that support social enterprise, build community wealth, and strengthen local economies.

A Just Economy: Ideas, Action, Impact

David Zuckerman
National Community Reinvestment Coalition

David also participated in a panel along with Democracy Collaborative Research Director, Steve Dubb, at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition’s annual conference to discuss strategies for partnering with healthcare institutions to build community wealth. 

Hospitals Building Healthier Communities: Investing Outside Institutional Walls

David Zuckerman
Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence

Democracy Collaborative Research Associate David Zuckerman participated in an American Hospital Association-sponsored webinar through its Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence platform.The presentation featured practitioners from Bon Secours Health System, University Hospitals in Cleveland, and Catholic Health East/Trinity Health discussing opportunities for hospitals to promote health through economic development and community investment. 

Ted Howard Speaks at City of Memphis’ 2014 Neighborhood Redevelopment Conference

Ted Howard
City of Memphis

In April 2014, Ted Howard, Executive Director of the Democracy Collaborative, spoke on Anchor Institutions at the City of Memphis’ 2014 Neighborhood Redevelopment Conference on “Building Healthy Communities from the Inside Out.”

Scaling-Up the Cooperative Movement

Thomas Hanna and Andrew McLeod
Grassroots Economic Organizing

Senior Research Associate Thomas Hanna and Andrew McLeod of Collective Seeds Consulting Cooperative guest edit Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO)’s blog series, Scaling-Up the Cooperative Movement. The series includes essays from The Democracy Collaborative’s Gar Alperovitz, Joe Guinan, and Thomas Hanna, as well as several co-op experts, including Hilary Abell author of Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale.

Leveraging the Power of Local Institutions

Research Director Steve Dubb’s Leveraging the Power of Local Institutions presentation at the American Independent Business Alliance’s 2014 Go Local, Grow Local conference is available.

Roosevelt Institute Campus Network: Rethinking Communities

Tim Price
Roosevelt Institute

On January 13, 2014, the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network announced an intiative where student leaders on 21 campuses across the country will useThe Anchor Dashboard to evaluate and rank their educational institution's commitment to positive community impact. Learn more

Healthy Food Access Portal is an information clearinghouse draws awareness to inequitable access to healthy foods in communities across the country and provides tools to launch and expand healthy food access retail projects in low-income communities. It offers resources on policy efforts, news, and strategy to help improve access for consumers and communities. The Healthy Food Access website is a collaborative effort of PolicyLink, The Food Trust, and The Reinvestment Fund, and was launched with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

UC Davis

UC Davis’ Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SAREP)’s website includes a wealth of materials focused on local food systems including a downloadable bibliography of over 2,000 articles and the results of several food system assessments, which examine the connections between and impact of food production, distribution, consumption and waste disposal.