Providence Community Housing

Established by representatives from local faith-based organizations after Hurricane Katrina, Providence Community Housing is the product of these joint resources, providing affordable, mixed-income housing and support services for the local community.  Providence Community Housing's five year goal is to bring home 20,000 victims of Katrina by re-establishing 1,500 affordable apartments for seniors, repairing and rebuilding 1,200 homes for low-income individuals, and developing 2,600 mixed-income apartments, 1,200 affordable homes, and 500 units of supportive housing for special needs populations.  To date, 717 units of senior housing and hundreds of affordable homes and apartments have been completed.  Providence also manages Sojourner Truth Neighborhood Center (STNC), a community-based hub that offers a range of programs to help residents achieve emotional, mental, and physical health, and economic success.

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