Outpost Natural Foods

Established in the early 1970s by a group of Milwaukee residents looking for a way to purchase wholesome food, Outpost Natural Foods is a natural foods cooperative that strives to sell organic, local, fair-trade certified, and GMO-free products. Outpost has grown to be the fourth largest natural foods cooperative by sales in the country, with 4 stores and 2 cafes, nearly 500 workers, and over 20,000 member owners. Committed to sustainability and the community, Outpost supports numerous charitable causes and aims to ensure its operations meet the needs of future generations. It also assists cooperatives nationwide through its Outpost Co-op Community fund. Created in 2006 in partnership with the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation, donations help finance the development of co-ops across the country, while interest earned on the fund is used to support a range of Milwaukee’s local nonprofits.

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