Research Resources

Community Land Trusts (CLTs)

Community Land Trust Resource Center

This website, maintained by Burlington Associates, a community development consulting firm, provides a wide range of community land trust resources, including information on how to start up a land trust, how to finance a community land trust, and public policy issues.

New Economics Institute

The Community Land Trust section of The New Economic Institute's website provides a useful overview of the history and theory behind the land trust model.  The site also provides links to articles, events, supportive organizations, a directory, online handbook, and three land trust projects.

Policy Link, "Community Land Trusts"

This site provides perhaps the most thorough overview of the community land trust movement, including information about available resources and three case studies.

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs)

Aspen Institute & the Federal Reserve: Achieving Sustainability, Scale, & Impact in Community Development Finance

Starting in April 2005, the Federal Reserve and the Aspen Institute have collaborated on a series of (roughly) quarterly workshops on how to build sustainability in community development. This website contains links to the presentations of these workshops, as well as information about future events.

CEDRIC Research Repository (Federal Reserve, Chicago)

The Chicago Federal Reserve, both through its publication, Profitwise, and through a number of national conferences that it has sponsored, has been an important research center on issues concerning community development financial institutions.

Communities and Banking (Federal Reserve, Boston)

The Boston Federal Reserve publishes the quarterly on-line periodical, Communities & Banking. The site also has links to many other community development finance publications and resources.

Community Development (Federal Reserve, San Francisco)

The San Francisco Federal Reserve publishes the quarterly on-line periodical, Community Investments Online. As well, it maintains the Center for Community Development Investments and a host of on-line resources about Community Reinvestment Act review schedules, an important tool for community groups seeking to keep local financial institutions accountable.

Faith, Hope and Capital

Aired on public television in 2000, this series provides valuable information on building wealth in struggling communities. The "real stories, real people" section is particularly notable, including text of interviews of more than 20 community development finance analysts and practitioners.

Indivisible: Stories of American Community

Indivisible is a national documentary project exploring community life in America today. Through photographs and recorded voices, Indivisible focuses on the real-life stories of struggle and change in twelve communities—from Delray Beach, Florida, to Ithaca, New York; from the North Pacific Coast of Alaska to Chicago's Southwest side; from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to the Yaak Valley, Montana.


PolicyMap, a project of The Reinvestment Fund, a Philadelphia-based CDFI, allows users to use GIS mapping technology to create custom maps, tables, and charts that help organizations map their social impact investments and better target their work to benefit disadvantaged communities.

Woodstock Institute

Founded in 1973, this Chicago-based research institute promotes community reinvestment and economic development in lower-income and minority communities. It has also served as an important advocacy group, specifically on the issue of enforcing the Community Reinvestment Act provisions that oblige banks to invest in their communities.

Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

CDC Oral History Project

Although the profiles were completed in the early 1990s, this site contains valuable historical information outlining the history of 19 leading community development corporations.

City Limits

This publication focuses on New York City, but covers a wide variety of national community development debates and issues.

Maintained by the Center for Housing Policy, KnowledgePlex, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), and the Urban Institute, is a new website to help states and localities respond to the foreclosure crisis. In addition to policy information, maps and other foreclosure data, the site provides a forum for practitioners, policymakers, and others to come together and discuss affordable housing and foreclosure issues. is an online guide to state and local housing policy developed and maintained by the Center for Housing Policy, the research affiliate of the National Housing Conference. The site includes information on a broad range of state and local policy tools, as well as guidance on how to put them together to form a comprehensive and effective housing strategy.


This is the leading federal government research site regarding issues of housing and urban development. The site is host to over 800 publications and data sets.


Sponsored by the Fannie Mae Foundation, Knowledgeplex organizes a wide variety of research materials on affordable housing and community development issues.

LISC Online Resource Library

The LISC Online Resource Library provides a host of practical community development resources on affordable housing, land use and planning, and organizational development issues.

Next American City

Founded in 2003 by a couple of recent Yale graduates still in their twenties, Next American City has brought a fresh perspective to issues of community development. Published quarterly, each magazine focuses on a different urban or community development theme.


Sponsored by the National Housing Institute, Shelterforce is a leading periodical of the community development community.