Key Community Benefit Terms

Across the country, nonprofit hospitals are beginning to comply with a new federal requirement that they partner with community and public health representatives to identify and develop strategies for addressing community health needs. This requirement, found in the Affordable Care Act, builds on the best practices of leading hospitals and hospital systems that already strategically invest resources and build partnerships with community groups and public health leaders to improve community health. This one-page provides definitions for important terms to know.

Community Benefit and Anchor Institutions: Linkages and Opportunities

This webinar, organized by Community Catalyst and the Democracy Collaborative, explored how community benefit requirements, especially in the wake of new Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations governing Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA), can provide a powerful and effective framework to drive transformative community economic development.  

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Assessing Impact at Anchor Institutions

New anchor dashboard identifies 12 priority areas and indicators
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This week, The Democracy Collaborative is releasing a new paper to create a framework for measuring the effectiveness of university and hospital efforts to partner with and improve conditions in surrounding communities. Our goal is to help institutions reflect and assess broadly the long-term impact of their anchor-mission activities, and particularly the extent to which they may benefit low-income children, families and communities.

Democracy Collaborative Offers Paid Internship

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We are pleased to announce a new intern position at The Democracy Collaborative that will focus on the newsletter and adding web content. For further details, please see the position description below. Remember to submit your applications by August 30!

Creating Accountable Communities for Health: Common Language, Common Vision

September 17th, 2013
Duluth, MN

“Creating Accountable Communities for Health: Common Language, Common Vision" is a working conference to accelerate the implementation of community-based preventative healthcare in the Midwest and across the United States.  The event will be held on September 17 in Duluth, Minnesota and and will include presentations by healthcare and community development experts from around the country. Read more about Creating Accountable Communities for Health: Common Language, Common Vision...

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Toolkit

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CNHA) website is a free online tool to help hospitals, organizations, and community members better understand the needs and assets of their communities and to encourage collaboration to improve community health and well-being. Read more about Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Toolkit...

St. Joseph Health System of Sonoma County

St. Joseph Health—Sonoma County is a multi-million-dollar health system anchored by two hospitals: Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and Petaluma Valley Hospital. Its innovative program of deploying community health workers and community organizers expands the traditional role of charitable, philanthropic, and community benefit activities among hospitals. The hospital tithes, meaning that 10 percent of its net income is reinvested in Community Benefit, in the form of grants and programs that are designed to improve community health. Read more about St. Joseph Health System of Sonoma County...