Transit-Oriented Development

Communicating the Benefits of TOD: The City of Evanston's Transit-Oriented Redevelopment and the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Transit System

Cali Gorewitz, Gloria Ohland , Carrie Makarewicz, Albert Benedict, ChaNell Marshall, Jan S. Wells and Martin Robins
prepared for the Development, Community and Environment Division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Capturing the Value of Transit

Nadine Fogarty, Nancy Eaton, Dena Belzer and Gloria Ohland

Preserving and Promoting Diverse Transit-Oriented Neighborhoods

Dena Belzer, Scott Bernstein, Cali Gorewitz, Carrie Makarewicz, jennifer McGraw, Shelley Poticha, Abby Thorne-Lyman and Mariia Zimmerman