Program Related Investments

Best Practices for Social Value Procurement

Tessa Hebb and Heather Hachigian
Carleton Centre for Community Innovation

While a growing number of institutions are recognizing the need to integrate social, economic, and environmental values into their purchasing decisions, few actually evaluate and measure these values, limiting the uptake of this approach. This new paper from the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation reviews existing social value procurement frameworks, including Cleveland’s Greater University Circle Initiative, and puts forwards common themes and lessons learned. Read the full paper here.  

Strategies for Financing the Inclusive Economy

Marjorie Kelly, Violeta Duncan and Steve Dubb

How can impact investors, family foundations, and financial institutions strategically leverage  their investments toward solutions that help stem and reverse rising economic inequality? This new report from The Democracy Collaborative explores ways in which impact investors can  help build an inclusive economy by accelerating  the growth of broad-based ownership models—worker cooperatives, social enterprises, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), hybrid  enterprises, and municipal enterprise.

Community Foundations Pursue Impact Investments to Build Local Economies

Catherine Covington
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

In this issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, our Senior Fellow Marjorie Kelly was featured for her work on equitable, sustainable community development and innovations in the community wealth building field.

Market Creek Plaza

Market Creek Plaza

Market Creek Plaza is a commercial and cultural center in San Diego and the first project of its kind in the United States to be designed, built and eventually to be owned by neighborhood residents. Its retail outlets include the first major grocery store in the area in over 30 years—Food 4 Less—the community's first sit-down restaurants (which are family-owned), a bank, and more conventional firms like Starbucks and Papa John's. The ten acres of property house a 500-seat open-air amphitheater, a restored creek and public art, including totems, paintings and mosaics. Read more about Market Creek Plaza...

Program-Related Investment Rules for Private Foundations

This free course, which covers the basic legal rules for program-related investments, takes about forty-five minutes to complete. The course is part of Learn Foundation Law,  a free resource devloped by legal staff at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation that provides training on legal issues in grantmaking for private foundations.

Report on US Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends

The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment released its tenth biannual report on what it labels the “sustainable, responsible and impact investing sector.” The report identified place-based investing, largely by public funds directing investment into their city or state, “as a new trend, accounting for nearly $90 billion in assets.” Additionally, the use of environmental, social and governance criteria by institutional investors, once a small market niche, now covers over $4 trillion in market assets, representing a four-fold increase from 2012 to 2014 alone.

How Community Foundations Can Accelerate Social Change

“The world has changed, and so must we.” – Clara Miller of The F.B. Heron Foundation

Originally published at Veris Wealth Partners

Clara’s right.

The time is now for community foundations to embrace a new vision that accelerates social progress and rebuilds local wealth. Read more about How Community Foundations Can Accelerate Social Change...

Helen Bader Foundation

Based in Milwaukee, the Helen Bader Foundation’s focus areas include city workforce development, community partnerships for youth, city arts, and community initiatives in the Greater Milwaukee region. Since its establishment in 1992, the Foundation has awarded more than $225 million in grants. In 2001, the Foundation began its Program Related Investments (PRI) program, the first in the state, as an additional way to support initiatives that align with its goals. To date, it has awarded 37 PRIs totaling more than $15 million. Read more about Helen Bader Foundation...

Enterprise Financing for WealthWorks Value Chains

Marjorie Kelly

This new report, authored by Democracy Collaborative Senior Fellow Marjorie Kelly, offers a comprehensive framework of community investing, ownership, and wealth control models to enhance the social, ecological, and economic well-being of rural areas.