Our monthly email newsletter provides an essential overview of the latest news and state of the art developments in community wealth building. Check out the archives below.

June 2015

This month’s developments include: 

  • We feature a short documentary about the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation, a participant in our Learning/Action Lab for Community Wealth Building. 
  • On May 20, we hosted the National Launch webinar for the Next System Project, moderated by Laura Flanders of GRITtv. We feature webinar panelists Angela Glover Blackwell, founder and CEO of PolicyLink, and Juliet Schor, professor of Sociology at Boston College, in two new videos from the Next System Project. 
  • The Next System Project is featured in Waging Nonviolence  and Treehugger. Research Director Steve Dubb discussed the trajectory of the new economy movement in Shelterforce magazine’s Rooflines. 
  • The Democracy Collaborative Co-Founder Gar Alperovitz contributed an article to Al Jazeera, and draws on the Roosevelt Institute’s most recent report, Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy, written by Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz
  • Recommended reads: Cooperation among Cooperatives: Quantifying the Business Case for Credit Unions and Other CooperativesFilene Research Institute; Powerful Partners: Lessons from Community Foundations about Resident Engagement, CFLeads; Flexible Savings: The Missing Foundation for Financial Security and Economic Mobility,  New America; Austin Co-Op Summit 2015: Local Government Support for CooperativesDemocracy at Work Institute & Austin Cooperative Business Association
  • Featured websites: Ecotrust; Co-op Law

May 2015

This month’s developments include: 

  • We release the public summary of our latest report, Healthcare Small Business Gap Analysis
  • We announce the establishment of Anchors for Resilient Communities (ARC), a partnership with Health Care Without Harm and Emerald Cities Collaborative.
  • The Next System Project is featured in The Nation, YES! Magazine and Orion Magazine. Articles in Grist and Next City  highlight The Democracy Collaborative’s work in Cleveland, Baltimore, and Rochester. The cities of Philadelphia, Toronto and Preston, England launch anchor-based community wealth building strategies. 
  • New C-W City: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Recommended reads: Beyond Business as Usual: Putting Cooperation to Work in Austin, TXCooperation Texas; Our Kind of Town: A Financial Plan that Puts Chicago’s Communities First, The ReFund America Project, Roosevelt Institute; Successful Cooperative Ownership Transitions: Case Studies on the Conversion of Privately Held Businesses to Worker Cooperatives, Democracy at Work Institute and the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives; Exploring Economic and Health Impacts of Local Food Procurement, Illinois Public Health Institute and the Crossroads Resource Center.
  • Featured websites: Economics for Equity & Environment; Build Healthy Places Network

April 2015

This month’s developments include:

  • We launch the Next System Project and release the first Next System Project report, The Next System Project: New Political-Economic Possibilities for the 21st Century. On May 20 at 3 pm EDT, we will host a free webinar on the project.
  • We release a new report, Community Wealth Building in Jackson, Mississippi: Strategic Considerations, which identifies opportunities to build a cooperative economy in Jackson, Mississippi linked to anchor institution procurement.
  • On April 28, The Democracy Collaborative will co-host a webinar with Project Equity on their latest report, Business Conversions to Worker Cooperatives: Insights and Readiness Factors for owners and employees. 
  • C-W Interview: Emily Kawano, co-director of the Wellspring Cooperative Corporation, based in Springfield, Massachusetts.

March 2015

This month’s developments include:

  • We release our first annual impact report. 
  • In Nonprofit Quarterly, Democracy Collaborative Co-founder Gar Alperovitz discusses the growing wealth and income divide in the United States. Gar also co-authored an article with Senior Research Associate Thomas Hanna in YES! Magazine, in which they discuss net neutrality and community-owned broadband.
  • We announce that we will be working with the City of Rochester, New York to develop a plan to launch worker-owned cooperatives in partnership with local anchor institutions.
  • Politico Magazine highlighted the Evergreen Cooperatives and their role in the Greater University Circle Initiative in an article and video. 
  • Our report A New Anchor Mission for a New Century was cited by Laura Flanders in YES! Magazine; Peter Berliner, managing director of Mission Investors Exchange; and Gerry Roll, Executive Director for the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky.

February 2015

This month’s developments include:

  • We highlight the release of the Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO) Collective's free e-book, Scaling Up the Cooperative Movementco-edited by Democracy Collaborative Senior Research Associate Thomas Hanna. Additionally, Thomas’s blog on locally owned power in Nebraska was featured in Yes! Magazine. 
  • We congratulate our friends and partners at the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network for receiving the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. 
  • Executive Director Ted Howard, Research Director Steve Dubb, and  Senior Research Associate David Zuckerman presented at the 14th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference. 
  • In Alternet, Senior Fellow Gus Speth describes the current state of “uneconomic growth” in America, highlighting several locally rooted business forms that can support a transition to a people-oriented economy. 
  • Community Development Associate Violeta Duncan describes community foundations’ transition from passive to active grantmaking in an article in Social Enterprise Canada

January 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to our January newsletter. We start 2015 with the following developments:

  • Our most recent report A New Anchor Mission for a New Century was profiled earlier this month in Forbes magazine and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
  • In an Al Jazeera article, Democracy Collaborative Co-founder Gar Alperovitz argues for a guaranteed income to improve the plight of veterans and in a Truthout article Gar explores the challenges of structuring institutions of justice. Gar and the Collaborative are also cited in an article in Dissent magazine describing Reading, Pennsylvania’s rebuild Reading initiative.
  • We share the findings of the National Cooperative Business Association's exploratory journey (Democracy Collaborative Research Director Steve Dubb participated in the delegation) to learn about the conversion of state controlled enterprises into worker-owned cooperative in Cuba.
  • In December, our Executive Director Ted Howard presented at the Annual Learning Exchange of the Richmond based B-corp and CDFI, Virginia Community Capital. 
  • C-W Interview: Ed Whitfield, Fund for Democratic Communities

December 2014

This month’s new developments include:

  • The Democracy Collaborative highlights the accomplishments of this past year. We published four major reports and partnered with local leaders in communities around the country to design community wealth building strategies.
  • We look forward to 2015 and continuing our work on the Learning/ Action Lab for Community Wealth Building and The Anchor Dashboard Learning Cohort, along with a myriad of other projects, including the Next System Project.
  • We re-launch our web portal early in the coming year.
  • We introduce our newest, C-W City:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Though one of the most segregated cities in America, residents in Milwaukee are working hard to promote economic and social inclusion.

November 2014

This month's new developments include: 
  • The Democracy Collaborative released a new report, A New Anchor Mission for a New Century: Community Foundations Deploying All Resources to Build Community Wealth.
  • We launched our Anchor Dashboard Learning Cohort, a group of universities that will work together to measure their impact in communities, and share results, challenges and successes.
  • Executive Director Ted Howard discusses the need for a new federal policy strategy to help cities leverage the economic might of their anchor institutions to benefit communities in the Center for American Progress’ TalkPoverty blog
  • Journalist Tanvi Misra discusses anchors as a place-based community revitalization strategy in The Atlantic’s CityLab.
  • In an openDemocracy article, University of Oxford political theorist Stuart White notes the role that community wealth building can have as a potential solution to widening inequality.
  • Fast Company magazine celebrates Thunder Valley Community Economic Development Corporation, a participant in our Learning/Action Lab for Community Wealth Building from the Pine Ridge Reservation.
  • Democracy Collaborative Co-founder Gar Alperovitz contributed articles to Truthout & Al Jazeera and attended the Praxis Institute’s Economics of Sustainability Conference & La Montanita Co-op’s annual meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • C-W Interview:  José Corona, Executive Director of Inner City Advisors (ICA)

October 2014

This month's new developments include: 

  • We showcase our new animated video on the Cleveland Model and our entries to Naomi Klein’s new website Beautiful Solutions.
  • The Democracy Collaborative has joined the Mayor’s Office in New Orleans and the New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA) in a major new initiative to build community wealth.
  • Mayor Alvin Brown of Jacksonville, Florida announced a new Community Wealth Building Initiative in Northwest Jacksonville to help connect neighborhood businesses to local anchor institutions.
  • Democracy Collaborative Senior Fellow and Co-Chair of the Next System Project Gus Speth has a new memoir entitled Angels by the River.
  • Democracy Collaborative Co-Founder Gar Alperovitz, writes on community ownership in the featured article in Shelterforce Magazine’s latest issue on work in America.
  • Research Director Steve Dubb has been named a BALLE Local Economy Fellow.
  • Steve Dubb and Research Associate Sarah McKinley participated on a panel about our Learning/Action Lab for community wealth building at the CFED Asset’s Learning Conference.
  • Burlington, Vermont Supports Local Ownership
  • Revitalizing Public Housing in New Orleans Offers Lessons for other Cities
  • Leaders Identify Pathways to a Sustainable and Inclusive Economy
  • Rental Market Speculation Disrupts Communities
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Commission to Build a Healthier
  • Toolbox for Education and Social Action

September 2014

This month's new developments include: 

  • The Democracy Collaborative released a new report, Policies for Community Wealth Building: Leveraging State and Local Resources. 
  • The Washington Post published an article describing Richmond, Virginia’s newly established Office of Community Wealth Building. New Republic article explored how cooperatives can support a green economy and a Yes! Magazine article focused on how land trusts, worker ownership, and public banking can help reduce inequality.
  • Democracy Collaborative co-founder Gar Alperovitz published an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times and appears in a joint interview with economic geography scholar David Harvey, conducted by Journalist Laura Flanders of GRITtv.
  • New Report Outlines Emerging Best Practices in State & Local Policies to Build Community Wealth
  • Federal Commitment to Higher Workforce Standards Reduces Inequality
  • Communities Address Racial Inequity through Investment in Local Food Systems
  • Healthcare Institutions Invest Locally to Build Sustainable and Healthy Communities
  • The Road So Far: Penn Leaders Recount Path to Building an Anchor Mission
  • Participatory Budgeting Project
  • Impact Investing Policy Collaborative